Case Studies

As well as delivering auditor and management systems training, Excel Partnership works at the strategic level with customers to identify specific needs and solutions to enable customers to meet their business objectives.

The following examples illustrate the different approaches Excel has used to support their customers:

europeA major Telecommunications Service Provider in Eastern Europe commissioned Excel to assist with the implementation of an ISO 9001- based Quality Management system utilising a "dashboard" Management System linked to process maps throughout the company's operations.  Our consultant familiar with the cultural challenges, lead the project which involved awareness, development and deployment of strategic objectives, implementation and auditor training, together with support in system development.  The project culminated in a final audit presented to senior management which identified further process improvements and resulting cost savings.

daimlerWhen DaimlerChrysler set out to create their Manufacturing Quality Assurance System to be implemented over 50 plant sites worldwide, our consultants worked on every aspect of the business. DaimlerChrysler was able to deploy the programme company-wide within an aggressive time frame and focus their energies on their primary business activity.

"The tutor is one of the best instructors I have ever received training from. He helped simplify complex material and provided support to every student which inspired positive learning. He also made key points and issues easily understandable by using past experience, keeping the course lively and interesting." DaimlerChrysler

electroluxWhen Electrolux wanted to upgrade their Global Supplier Quality Assurance system they chose Excel based on our knowledge and practice of ISO processes, practical approach to training and willingness to adapt our approach to existing Electrolux methods.  The project involved working in partnership with Electrolux to develop the system, producing training material to support the approach and then delivering training to their SQA engineers around the world.  Electrolux achieved their objectives for the project and in their words - "The final programme was put together in a most timely fashion and came in most gratifyingly on budget."

sewseSEWS Europe, a major supplier of automotive wiring harnesses and components to the European automotive industry, had for some years used Excel to train its internal auditors in the application of ISO/TS 16949, which had proved a very successful partnership. SEWS however, wished to go further in involving employees at all levels in the process of quality and its continual improvement.

Honda (UK), one of SEWS’ major customers, ran a competition among the supply base which was based on Quality Control Circles; the criteria for success were the number of participating employees and the results achieved from the Circles’ work over the previous year.

SEWS chose Excel as its training partner based on their previous experience of working with Excel where we had helped many plants across Europe get to grips with meeting ISO/TS 16949 and developing practical processes specifically for SEWS on a fit for purpose basis rather than mundane compliance.

With the closing date of the competition not far ahead, SEWS and Excel worked together to get a number of Circles up and running in the best traditions of the process. By the end of the year, the results were astonishing and the SEWS Circle projects won the Honda competition ‘quite handsomely’ as stated by the judges. The judges went on to say that they were very impressed because of the tight timescales involved and particularly by the tremendous enthusiasm apparent from the teams in their presentations. “Undoubtedly Excel’s ability to quickly develop a working template for projects, to maintain commitment and enthusiasm and then to be able to pass that on to the teams and guide their efforts so patiently and consistently, was the major factor in our success,” stated the Circles Coordinator after the competition.

utsAn international and diversified worldwide technology company in the USA identified a corporate strategy to ensure consistent and appropriate processes were being practised across all of its major businesses, including aerospace, helicopters, escalators and elevators, and hvac technology. The corporate objective was for every plant in the group to meet common quality, environmental and health and safety standards.

United Technologies turned to Excel because of our proven expertise in management systems was unmatched at the international level. The approach put forward by Excel had two main thrusts:

  • The first was the design of a training package for the people identified within the company who would carry out the monitoring and auditing of the various plants. The main issue here was that the company did not want an overly prescriptive approach but rather to allow each plant to decide for itself how it would comply with the various standards. This required considerable flexibility from the auditors but was, and still is, a very strong feature of any Excel training.
  • The second part was the actual monitoring of the plants by the trained auditors, overseen by the Excel consultants, subsequent to which feedback was offered for improvement in the future.

The training commenced in Europe and the early audits were conducted in the USA. Overall, the training development and presentation occurred over some months and the audits continued across all businesses thereafter. The coordination of the whole project was managed from United Technologies USA HQ. At the time of the first audits, the General Managers of the plants were consistent in their approval of the approach, the advice provided by Excel and the ‘amazing level of understanding of different cultures’ shown by both Excel and the company auditors.

Various comments about the ultimate value of the audits’ findings were typical and added to the satisfaction experienced by the auditors, the plant personnel and corporate management. Estimated savings of “many thousands of dollars as well as the inestimable benefit of practical advice” were quoted by the company’s corporate management on receipt of the reports from the plants audited, during the final debrief with the Excel Lead Consultant.