Lean Six Sigma principles and Process mapping training coursesPROCESS MAPPING AND IMPROVEMENT The Transition from Procedure to Process


The Process Approach focuses on the transition of moving an existing procedure-based management system to a process-based one in order to enhance the performance of the organisation. Effective process design and management sits at the heart of an effective quality management system and can be integrated into management systems based on any of the international standards, no matter what the technical discipline.

Course Objectives

Delivered in-house, this highly interactive and practical course introduces delegates to process design and management, including interface and cultural issues. In particular it will raise awareness in managing critical issues such as customer satisfaction, continual improvement and their relationship to process management.

Key Skills / Learning Objectives

Through the combination of interactive tutorials and workshops, our course will enable the delegates to:

  • Immediately apply simple tools and techniques to enhance business performance
  • Restructure an existing procedure-based management system around a process-based framework
  • Create a process map and undertake the transition to a process approach
  • Develop a road map for implementation and integration of management systems within their own organisation

Practical workshops are designed to reinforce the discussions and topics. This style of delivery makes the course both memorable and enjoyable for participants, ensuring long-term learning.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to the 'process approach' and how performance and improvement measures relate to processes
  • The concept of core and support processes
  • Process mapping techniques
  • Structuring the system around a process-based framework
  • Mapping existing procedures
  • Objectives and performance measurement
  • Road map for implementation and integration
  • Factors to consider in the selection of process mapping software

Who Should Attend?

  • Quality practitioners
  • Personnel wishing to review and improve current business processes or to convert an existing management system into one which is process-based.
  • Management Representatives and System Co-ordinators
  • Change Agents and Champions
  • Business Improvement Leaders and Improvement Teams

Booking and Course Fees

Fees include:

  • Delegate workbook, including reference information
  • Training provided by qualified and experienced tutors with extensive practical management auditing experience across a variety of manufacture and service industries
  • Certificate verifying attendance and completion of course

This course is for delivery in-house only. Offering better value for money, in-house training can be customised and designed to meet specific individual and company needs.

Our course addresses the most common processes. Assistance with developing specific applications in-house can be provided when additional time is allocated to deal with these specific issues.

Please Contact us to discuss your in-house requirements.

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