icon-envIntroduction to ISO 14001 and other EMS standards and codes


This interactive and practical foundation course is designed to provide delegates with a brief introduction to the context, background and requirements of ISO 14001, in order to:

  • Understand the business benefits of an Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Begin implementing a management system based on ISO 14001
  • Consider how ISO 14001 can be integrated into existing management systems

Course Objectives

Our course will acquaint delegates with the knowledge and understanding of the increasingly important role that an EMS can provide in the management of environmental issues and policy.

Key Skills / Learning Objectives

Through the combination of interactive tutorials and workshops, our course will enable the delegates to:

  • Interpret the basic requirements and principles of ISO 14001 and how they apply to industry processes.
  • Interpret how ISO 14001 aligns with, and is complementary to, other corporate risk systems within an integrated management system.
  • Appreciate how an EMS can manage the increasing corporate responsibility for environmental issues and policy.
  • Communicate to others how an EMS can benefit an organisation's environmental performance.

Course Outline

Overview of the EMS Standard ISO 14001 and the relevance of it to a business management system.

  • The Environmental Backdrop to, and Drivers for, an EMS
  • Exploration/Discussion of participant's own organizational position
  • Overview of Standards, their raison d'Ítre and the complementary ISO 14000 Series Guidance Standards
  • Identification and Management of Environmental Risks
  • Requirements of ISO14001 and their relationship to the Backdrop
  • Outline implementation project issues

Who Should Attend?

  • Personnel wishing to benchmark their own or gain a fuller understanding of ISO14001
  • Personnel responsible for assessing the business needs/benefits of an EMS
  • Personnel charged with advising their organisation's implementation decision

Booking and ISO 14001 Course Fees

Fees include:

  • Delegate workbook, including reference information
  • Training provided by qualified and experienced tutors with extensive practical management auditing experience across a variety of manufacture and service industries
  • Certificate verifying attendance and completion of course

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