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Excel Partnership's Free Environmental Assessment Checklist Helps Your Organization Identify Potential Environmental Risks

Developed by Excel Partnership's environmental team based on knowledge spanning three continents and years of experience with ISO 14001, the checklist contains over 15 pages of critical issues and concerns you may need to consider when developing an ISO 14001-compliant environmental management system.

Below are a few examples of the issues included:

Packaging: Do you offer your customers the opportunity to return your used packaging for recycling or reuse?

Emergency Preparedness: In what way have you involved and informed the local emergency services of your emergency plans? Do they have copies of your emergency procedures, or can they obtain these off-site at a moment's notice?

Financial Control: Do you translate environmental impact into "clean-up" costs to establish a benchmark of comparison with other industries?

Design: Do your design criteria include a requirement to design for minimal environmental impact during production (raw materials, energy, etc.)?

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Environmental Assessment Checklist
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