Approach to Training

Excel has always adopted a participative approach to training programmes, convinced that people learn by doing rather than by listening.  As such, Excel’s courses involve a significant proportion of workshops, case study programmes and simulation exercises.  The case study and role-play exercises are designed to highlight key teaching points in a controlled environment, ensuring that a wide range of experiences can be illustrated in a relatively short period of time.

Factors that differentiate Excel from our competitors we believe to be the enthusiastic and pragmatic approach of our tutors, who are experienced in the subject they teach. Having worked in industry and commerce for many years, they are experienced practitioners who have the ability to train by illustrating the teaching points through real life example. Their realistic interpretation of management system requirements has helped organizations to maximize their potential through their people. Regular course reviews are undertaken to make sure that our material is updated with the latest information and changed to reflect current thinking.

The range of countries within which Excel trains means that we have extensive experience of working in different cultures.


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