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Code Training Course Duration
Ex 90

Quality System Overview
Provides important insights into the purposes of the QuEST Forum, together with the intent of TL 9000 and how it can benefit your company. The seminar covers the key aspects of the TL 9000 quality system requirements and its associated metrics.

1/2 Day
Public Course Offering
Ex 91 Quality System Implementation
This course will develop your understanding of the TL 9000 quality system requirements and provides an insight into how to apply the required metrics to your business operations. Regardless of whether or not your company currently has a functioning quality system, the course will help you identify a strategy for implementing the necessary steps to become TL 9000 compliant and explains the options for registration.
3 Days
Public Course Offering
Ex 92

Quality Management System Auditing
This course provides an interactive learning environment for auditors of the TL 9000 requirements. Designed to bridge the gap between ISO 9001/2 and the additional requirements of TL 9000 and the associated metrics, the course delivers an auditor's perspective of TL 9000.

Specific modules cover the metrics requirements and examine how a company's approach to these can be assessed.

4 Days
Public Course Offering
Ex 94 Metrics Workshop (Non QuEST sanctioned)
An intensive interactive workshop customised to your needs, based on o the additional TL 9000 requirements o an overview of the metrics set, a review of those applicable to your activities and the implementation of a metrics programme, including data submission as part of the QuEST requirements.
2 Days
Delivered In Company Only

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