This four-day program provides an interactive learning environment for auditors of the TL 9000 requirements. The program is structured to “bridge the gap” between ISO 9001/2 and the additional requirements of TL 9000 from the perspective of an auditor. Step-by-step you’ll learn how to interpret and understand the specific requirements of TL 9000, and how to effectively audit to verify compliance. You will receive an understanding of TL 9000 metrics and the means necessary to measure ongoing performance. In addition, the responsibilities that exist in the supplier-customer relationship will be explored. Through dynamic learning activities, workshops and instructor-led discussions, you will be given challenging tasks that reinforce the key points of each module. There is an exam on the final day to demonstrate knowledge and comprehension.

Key Session Topics

  • Introduction to the QuEST Forum and its purpose
  • The history and background of TL 9000
  • The Life Cycle Model
  • Relationship to ISO 9001/2
  • Breakdown of the “additional” requirements beyond ISO Registration process
  • TL 9000 metrics overview and interpretation
  • Examples of each type of metric (common, hardware, software and services)
  • Understanding of how to effectively audit conformance to metric requirements

Who Should Attend

  • Auditors needing a full knowledge of TL 9000 requirements and metrics
  • Implementation team members
  • Internal auditors
  • ISO 9001-trained auditors wishing to expand their credentials
  • Anyone who will be performing third-party registration audits to TL 9000 (This body of knowledge is an approved alternative to the three-day course for TL 9000 auditors employed by registrars and is a must for internal auditors and those charged with assuring ongoing compliance by their suppliers.)
  • Attendees are required to have previous audit experience and must have successfully completed ISO 9001 internal auditor or lead auditor training.


Attendees' subsequent TL9000 audits can be supervised to give practical on-site training.

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