Excel Partnership offers a full range of consulting services designed to complement and enhance our training courses. Our team of consultants has experience of working in a wide variety of industry sectors and many differing cultures, having worked in West and Eastern Europe, USA, South America, the Caribbean, the Far East and China.

Consultancy is strongly dependent on the personal relationship between client and consultant. At Excel we endeavour to foster this relationship, at the same time supporting our individual consultants with the back-up of skills and resources available through their colleagues in the Partnership.


Our experienced consultant will:

  • Identify areas requiring improvement or development within your current Management System.
  • Prepare a strategic action plan, in conjunction with your company personnel, to address those improvement areas and assist with the communication of these requirements to key personnel at all levels.
  • Undertake, where appropriate, hazard risk and life cycle assessments.
  • Provide assistance and advice on the development and implementation of systems, including preparation of documentation, aspects and impacts register, etc.
  • Advise and assist, if required, with the preparation and submission of applications to your registration body.
  • Assist with the development of internal auditing procedures and training.
  • Conduct a pre-assessment audit to ensure the effective implementation of the management system prior to final audit by your registration body.


Each management system is individually developed with the client reflecting the needs of the industry sector and company culture. In this way, early ownership of the system is taken by managers and staff, ensuring successful implementation and lasting benefit from the management system.

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