ISO 16949 auditor training. Understanding and Implementing IATF 16949:2016Understanding and Implementing IATF 16949:2016


Offered as an in-house programme, this interactive and practical course is designed to provide delegates with knowledge of the key issues arising from implementing IATF 16949, in order to:

  • Make strategic business decisions relative to the implementation of IATF 16949 into the existing management system
  • Consider how IATF 16949 can be used to generate internal improvements
  • Conduct a self-assessment from which to begin the implementation process

Course Objectives

Our course will acquaint delegates with the requirements and principles of IATF 16949, providing delegates with the skills to plan and integrate these requirements into existing systems.

Key Skills / Learning Objectives

Through the combination of interactive tutorials and workshops, our course will enable the delegates to:

  • Interpret the basic requirements and principles of IATF 16949 and how they apply to industry processes.
  • Identify areas for internal improvement using IATF 16949.
  • Plan, develop and incorporate the requirements of IATF 16949 within their company with knowledge of resources and skills required.

Practical workshops are designed to reinforce the discussions and topics. This style of delivery makes the course both memorable and enjoyable for participants, ensuring long-term learning.

Course Outline

Overview of the requirements of IATF 16949 and the relationship with ISO 9001 and the process approach.

  • The format and features of a process-based management system and how IATF 16949 may be used for business improvement.
  • Applying the core tools and the importance of customer specific requirements
  • The application of gap analysis in assessing the company's needs
  • Key issues for implementation:
    • Gaining management commitment
    • Identifying resources, documentation needs and training in line with the automotive process approach
    • Integrating with existing systems
    • Links to Corporate Governance
  • The International Automotive Task Force (IATF) approach to third party registration for IATF 16949
  • Sources of information and further development

Who Should Attend?

  • Those who will be involved in the implementation and improvement process, e.g. Manufacturing and Purchasing System Managers, Quality Managers, Management Representatives, Internal Auditors and Vendor/Supplier Auditors.
  • Those who will become internal auditors to enable their understanding of the requirements.

Booking and Course Fees

Fees include:

  • Delegate workbook, including reference information
  • Training provided by qualified and experienced tutors with extensive practical management auditing experience across a variety of manufacture and service industries
  • Certificate verifying attendance and completion of course

This course is for delivery in-house only. Offering better value for money, in-house training can be customised and designed to meet specific individual and company needs.

Please Contact us to discuss your in-house requirements.

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