The validity of absolute measurements made have little meaning unless the uncertainty of the equipment used to perform the task is known. This TWO-DAY course has been developed to provide people working in the field of measurement with the knowledge to be able to develop uncertainty budgets to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and laboratory accreditation bodies.

This course covers the basic statistics required and also provides practical uncertainty exercises and a workshop. All of the exercises are supported with examples of typical uncertainty budgets, which are chosen to cover different fields of measurement.

This can also be run as an in-company ONE or TWO DAY course.

Key Session Topics

  • The importance of uncertainty of measurement
  • Statistics, definitions and terms
  • Types of distribution
  • Classification of uncertainties
  • How to produce and present an uncertainty budget
  • Degrees of freedom
  • The 't' distribution table
  • Sensitivity coefficients
  • Correlation
  • Sources of uncertainty in different calibration fields
  • Uncertainty exercises
  • Uncertainty workshop


  • The ability to develop a structured uncertainty budget, including a knowledge of the uncertainty contributions associated with a measurement system and how to evaluate the magnitude of these errors.
  • The ability to utilize the results of uncertainty budgets to determine cost and efficiency improvements in measurement systems

Who Should Attend

  • Quality and Design Engineers
  • Laboratory and Technical Personnel
  • Assessors of quality systems
  • Assessors of calibration and testing laboratories
  • Quality and Technical Managers

Although not essential, personnel attending this course should have a basic knowledge of maths and statistical techniques.  Participants should bring a calculator with them which has basic statistical functions.

Course Techniques

This course uses a set of course notes, practical interactive exercises and workshops, through which participants learn about  the development of uncertainty budgets.  Course notes are available for the delegates to retain.


Consultancy assistance with implementation and auditor programmes can be provided.

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