Ex 21 - EMS IMPLEMENTATION COURSE for ISO 14001 and other EMS standards and codes


This TWO-DAY course is a summary of how to implement an environmental management system (EMS). It covers planning, implementing and formalizing (through documentation and training) an (EMS). The course draws on the practical experiences of Excel professionals who have implemented EMS systems in a variety of organisations. The course covers all the elements of EMS implementation, including policy, identifying and assessing aspects and impacts, and internal communications. The course focuses on either ISO 14001 and/or EMAS requirements. It is also possible to provide a tailored course to meet BS 8555 requirements on request.

Key Session Topics

  • The various standards - ISO 14001, Eco-Management and Audit Regulation (EMAR), BS 8555. The 2004 version of ISO 14001
  • Planning the EMS implementation programme
  • Timescales and resources that will be required
  • An integrated approach
  • Identification and assessment of environmental aspects and impacts: Environmental performance measures
  • Legislation issues. Stakeholder analyses
  • Policy, objectives and target setting
  • Documentation methods
  • Training issues


  • The knowledge to allow you to undertake a self assessment and then start the implementation process within your own organization.
  • The confidence to identify environmental aspects and impacts relevant to your organization.

Who Should Attend

  • Personnel wishing to learn about the requirements and implications of implementing an EMS.
  • Representatives from organizations wishing to implement ISO 14001, or Eco-Management and Audit systems.

Course Techniques

The course uses a combination of tutorials and workshops. Workshops include identification and evaluation of aspects and impacts and drawing up an improvement programme.  Group work allows interaction and feedback from other participants.


Consultancy assistance with attendees’ EMS implementation programmes can be provided.

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