Ex 25 - ADVANCED EMS AUDITING COURSE For Environmental and Quality personnel for ISO 14001 and other EMS standards and codes


This FIVE -DAY course is approved by the UK Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). Using a combination of tutorials, workshops, case studies and simulated audits,  the course provides environmentalists or systems auditors with the skills necessary to audit an EMS to third party standards.  The assessment Standards ISO 14001 and EMAR are discussed and used during the course.

There is an examination on the last day, and a certificate will be issued on completion of the course, which will contribute to the requirements to register as an IEMA Environmental Auditor specializing in EMS assessments.

Key Session Topics

  • The EMS Standards (ISO 14001, Eco-Management and Audit Regulation - EMAR, etc.)
  • EMS auditing standards
  • Environmental legislation and codes of practice
  • Environmental aspects and impacts, risk evaluation
  • Audit planning. Use of checklists
  • Audit interviewing and evaluation of information
  • Auditing improvement
  • Nonconformance evaluation
  • Corrective actions and effective follow-up programmes
  • Accreditation and certification, Sources of information


  • The ability to assess compliance of an organization to meet your own internal or external, eg. Certification body, requirements.
  • The ability to develop an internal audit process to support your environmental policy.
  • An understanding of the role of audits within the EMS programme.

Who Should Attend

  • Those responsible for obtaining 3rd party EMS certification to e.g. ISO 14001, EMAS
  • Auditors who want to audit environmental management systems and who need to show professional competence in this subject.
  • Those new to auditing wishing to understand EMS auditing.
  • Senior managers who will have to understand the outcome of EMS audits.

Course Techniques

The intensive course uses a combination of tutorials, workshops, case studies and role-play. Workshop topics include assessment of environmental aspects and impacts, audit planning, nonconformity writing, conducting audit meetings, and report writing. Evening work groups prepare responses to a case study.

Reference information is available to keep.


Attendees' subsequent EMS audits can be supervised to provide practical on-site training.

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