Ex 23 - EMS IMPLEMENTATION WORKSHOP for ISO 14001 and other EMS standards and codes


This TWO-DAY course is designed to be given in-house and is a series of workshops preceded by a short tutorial. The workshops cover the most significant aspects of implementing an EMS and allow the organization to:

  • Create its own set of EMS requirements, including an outline programme,  and appropriate objectives and targets, and
  • examine its existing systems for suitability of integration of the EMS.

Key Session Topics

  • Environmental aspects and impacts and their assessment;  legislation issues (not site-specific)
  • Objectives and targets;  improvement programme
  • Environmental policy
  • Responsibilities
  • System integration
  • Communication and training
  • Emergency procedures, health & safety, calibration
  • Other procedures


  • An accelerated start to your implementation programme by developing outline policies and objectives specific to your organization.
  • The ability to create your own EMS implementation plans from which you can launch a full EMS implementation project.

Who Should Attend

  • All managers and key personnel in the organization who will be affected by the EMS implementation. 
  • Those personnel who will input into the strategic EMS programme to determine issues such as policy and spending on improvement programmes.
  • Legal advisors and experts
  • Other systems staff who will be involved in the EMS (e.g. QMS)

Course Techniques

The course uses a combination of tutorials and tailored workshops. 
Reference information is available to keep.


Consultancy help with implementing an EMS can be given.

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