Ex 15.6 - LAYERED PROCESS AUDITING - using the Ranked Audit Matrix©


This HALF-DAY workshop provides a practical approach to Layered Process Audits utilising Excel's 'Ranked Audit Matrix©' approach which optimises the questions to be examined during the audits to provide focus on customer and management concerns.  The programme has been designed to address the requirment for Manufacturing Process Audits required by ISO/TS 16949:2002 and the AIAG Guidelines for Layered Process Audits (CQI-8 Nov 2005).

Key Session Topics

  • Types of Audit
  • Layered process audit
  • Benefits and risks in implementing layered process audits
  • Relationship between ISO/TS 16949 and internal quality system audits
  • Planning and performing layered process audits
  • Sources of information
  • Development of check sheets
  • Reporting audits
  • Reaction and corrective action


  • Participants will gain an understanding of the requirements for Layered Process Audits as defined by the automotive industry customers and be able to develop checklists to perform audits in their own facility.
  • Enable the development of an approach which not only complies with ISO/TS 16949-2002 but also focuses on organisational and customer requirements generating value from the audit as opposed to a 'check-in-the-box' approach
  • Help track the focus of the audit to current issues to demonstrate that the audit is responding to changing circumstances within the organisation.

Who should attend

  • Those wishing to develop a layered audit system.
  • Managers, whose departments will be subject to these audits, to help them appreciatethe benefits that structured audits and the resultant corrective action can bring.
  • Company personnel who need to demonstrate compliance with ISO/TS 16949.

Course techniques

Theory is combined with practical interactive workshops on auditing systems and techniques, thus providing attendees with the opportunity to practise their skills.  This practical emphasis allows a substantial degree of individual guidance and tuition.  A detailed file of reference information is available to keep.

Follow up

Attendees' subsequent in-house audits can be supervised to give practical on-site training.

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