The Merger of Excel Partnership and Bywater Training Q&A

During this exciting time, we are sure our customers will have questions about how this merger will impact them, what the benefits will be and what they can expect from BywaterExcel in the future.

We have tried to anticipate some of your questions here and provided answers below. Please contact us if other questions come to mind and we would be delighted to answer them and include them on this page.

  • When will this merger take place?

    This merger is already underway and will be fully operational from the New Year. See News Bulletin for more details and the benefits it will bring to our customers.
  • Will Lead Auditor/Auditor training courses retain their relevant IRCA and IEMA approvals?

    Yes. As both Excel and Bywater have existing auditor training courses approved by IRCA and IEMA, those courses will maintain their respective approvals. BywaterExcel will simply undergo an administrative process to carry its Approved Training Provider status forward.
  • My organisation has booked an in-house / public training course with Excel Partnership for November 2014. What can I expect?

    All training courses booked with Excel Partnership up to the end of 2014 will carry the Excel Partnership brand.  From the New Year, all training course materials and pre-course communications will carry the new BywaterExcel logo. You and your organisation can expect the same high level of quality training that we have always delivered and with an expanded pool of expertise, we can deliver greater flexibility to meet our customers' needs.
  • What will happen to my company records?

    All customer records from Excel and Bywater will be maintained and combined and remain the property of BywaterExcel. All course certificates provided by Excel Partnership will remain valid and will not need to be reissued under the new BywaterExcel brand.
  • Who do I contact to book a course?

    Please continue to contact us in the usual manner on 0333 123 9001 or email training@bywaterexcel.co.uk. Staff from both Excel and Bywater will remain with the new company; maintaining personal contact and continuity for our customers is our highest priority and we will communicate changes as they occur. Our customers will be given advanced notification of changes to phone numbers and email addresses and these will also be available on our website.
  • Which company should I expect the invoice from when booking a training course?

    All invoices pertaining to training delivered by Excel Partnership up to the end of 2014 will be issued by Excel Partnership. Training courses booked from January 2015 onwards will be invoiced by BywaterExcel and include the Bywater Training Limited account details. We will notify our existing customers in advance of this transition but if you require our new bank details now (particularly for in-house training), please contact us on 0333 123 9001.
  • Am I still able to book a training course online?

    Customers will continue to be able to access both the Excel and Bywater websites which will contain some additions to reflect the combined course offerings and training venues. A new BywaterExcel branded website will be developed combining the best from both individual sites and our customers will be advised when this is available.
  • What additional training products will be available to Excel customers?

    The blending of Excel and Bywater will enable our customers to access a greater range of training and consulting options extending across the business areas of:
  • What will the new company brand look like?

    With a strong brand history, maintaining recognition of both brands is important so the new BywaterExcel logo is simply a combination of the two:

    Company Logo