ISO 9001 Lead Auditor

“The instructor encouraged participation and had excellent knowledge of the subject” Kaizen Environmental Services (Trinidad) Ltd

“Tutor was personable and professional and extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter.”3M Healthcare Ltd

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt that I was fully engaged and included. The course met all that I wished to get out of it; audit experiences and explanations for applying the standards were most useful. Tutor was excellent and had a vast range of knowledge and experience to pass on. Thank you.” Vehicle Certification Agency

ISO 9001 Internal Auditor

“Very good. We were looking to training our staff to a good level of auditing. Tutor was very knowledgeable and easy to understand” Metro Rod

“A lot of information to take in but useful to get the definition of ISO requirements in terms of impact and policy” Esterline/Racal Acoustics Ltd

“Very good. Tutor made you feel comfortable to participate” SBE Ltd

“Excellent and well organised! Tutor was very engaging and kept the course interesting; he was knowledgeable in the subject and was able to share his enthusiasm and past experiences. The course was explained in a very helpful way; I now have a knowledge of ISO 9001 and a better understanding of auditing.” Rydon Group Ltd

“Excellent - Many thanks! This reinforced previous training.” Alan Wiggins Associates Ltd

“All good! Tutor was proficient and professional. Excellent!” Chemetall Ltd

“Excellent course! Tutor was very informative, friendly and possesses excellent course delivery style.” Rydon Group Ltd

“The course gave me everything I expected out of it.” Eaton Production International

“Tutor was perfect for the subject as he had a fun and engaging personality, making a dull subject fun.” Ryhurst Ltd

Introduction to ISO 9001

“Thanks for your delivery of an excellent training course. I have received great feedback from all staff involved it really did fit the bill.” Mitsubishi Hardmetal UK Ltd

Implementation of ISO 9001

“The tutor was an excellent trainer and made the subject so much easier to understand than the standard itself.” Lancashire County Council

“Excellent knowledge and presentation from instructor.” HP Belgium

“Excellent! Fully met my expectations; thank you!” Georgia State Electrosystem